Breast implant asymmetry? (Photos)

I have had my breast implants for 5 years now. I was not symmetrical before surgery but the difference was slight. The surgery seemed to correct the problem however each year I notice the difference in symmetry worsens.

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Breast changes.

Thanks for your question and the photos. It is possible you have a deflation, so check in with your PS for an exam. It is more likely though that your natural breasts are changing. You have both implant volume and natural tissue volume. Natural tissues continues to change and go south over time. If your implants are intact you may consider a lift or tightening in your future.

Best wishes.

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Breasts becoming asymmetric

Thank you for your question.  Check with your plastic surgeon to rule out the possibility of an implant rupture.  Otherwise, asymmetry can result over time due to gravity, weight change, and pregnancy.  Good luck.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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Breast implant asymmetry?

Thank you for your question.  If you have saline implants he may have a slow deflation on one side.  It is best to see her plastic surgeon for examination and diagnosis.  Most often the changes that occur or simply the response of your breast tissue the presence of the implants.

Breast implant asymmetry?

There will always be some difference from one side to the other.  With time there will be changes as well due to gravity, weight changes etc.  The issue is not that there is a difference but how much the difference bothers you and whether or not it is visible in clothing or a bathing suit.  I ask my patients this e questions.  If it is significant enough perhaps changing the implant or implants may address the volume portion of the difference or perhaps a lift is necessary to make a greater change.  An in person exam would be best of course.  Best of luck.

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Breast asymmetry

All breasts are different left to right, before and after any surgery. Over time, they may change naturally due to hormones, weight, aging, etc.

Further procedures at some point may be indicated.

An exam and consultation with your/a plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options and expectations. 

Harry T. Haramis, MD, FACS
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Breast asymmetry

Perhaps you have gained a few pounds since your surgery?  This may account for the bigger difference.  A revision with a small lift might be required. Best to be seen in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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