Breast Enlargement, then Mrsa Now a New Infection?

I had breast enlargement surgery and 2 days later, Saturday I had a hemotoma. They wouldnt drain it until Monday because I ate breakfast. Two weeks later they said I had an infection removed the impalnt and put a drain in. They said I had MRSA. The drain came out after 5 days. One week later, today the drain inscision opened and alot of fluid came out. I went back and they put another drain in and said I had another infection. I dont know what to do. Do I need another doctor to look at this?

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Breast implant infection

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You should probably stay with your board-certified plastic surgeon to treat this complication.  Express your concerns to him and see him often.

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Breast Enlargement, then Mrsa Now a New Infection?

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It sounds like the antibiotics are not successful in controlling the infection, and that the implants will need to be removed. It is very difficult to treat an infection successfully in the presence of a foreign body. 

If it comes to that, the implant should not be replaced until at least three months after the incision has completely healed. As a general rule you are better off dealing with your own surgeon, but feel free to seek a second opinion if you question your surgeon's recommendations. 

Best wishes. 

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Infection in breast after implants

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Of course without seeing you, I can not be sure, but if you have recurrent infection you probably need to have the implant removed and wait a few months to have it replaced.  Good luck.

Recurrent infection after breast augmentation

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I am sorry to hear about your experiences. It appears that the infection has not been completely treated. Since the breast implants are already removed, you should focus treating the residual infection. Talk to your plastic surgeon first. Maybe get a infectious disease specialist consultation.

Best Wishes,

Stewart Wang, MD FACS, Wang Plastic Surgery

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