Do the Fat Cells Die if Using Vaser Liposelection for Bbl? Wich Method is Better for Bbl?

I always wanted a big booty so I wonder what is better for me if a bbl using vaser or a bbl with the regular liposuction method . Does using vaser the fat cells dies more than the regular method? Does my butt will last longer with vaser or regular method?(cells) Ty

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Does Vaser liposuction destroy fat cells and , thereby, making it inappropriate to be used for the BBL?

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Vaser liposuction uses sound waves to liquefy fat cells prior to being removed by liposuction. Vaser is, threfore, destructive to the fat cells and should not be used to procure fat cells for the BBL. The safest technique, I believe, for obrtaining fat for the BBL is the Tumescent technique. But even in this technique there are technical points that need to be considered to maximize the viabilty of the donor fat.

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