2 Sensitive and swollen bumps under my clitoris after labia minora reduction. (photos)

I had labia reduction 13 days ago . I am concerned over these very sensitive swollen bumps under my clitoris ( which now is completely hidden and seemingly smaller ) Is this normal ? If yes , when can I expect them to go away .... Is there anything I can help to shrink them down????? I haven't seen these in other patients before and after pics ) . I am very concerned that I now look more unnatural then before and I am worried about them being extremely sensitive .

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Labial Swelling and Bumps

 Labia swelling including "bumps" is expected after surgery, is often asymmetric early on and varies widely from patient to patient. You should have a good idea of your final appearance by 3 months.

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Swelling and bumpiness can take many weeks to settle down

Many of my patients have swelling and bumpiness for 6-8 weeks after this procedure.
Each person is different, but I think you should give it some more time.
Using Ice and anti-inflammatory medicine, like Ibuprofen, can help. IF there is itching, benedryl can be helpful.

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Bumps after labiaplasty

It is much too recent after your surgery to make a determination as to the final result. About 80% of the swelling will resolve in six weeks with all usually gone by 4-5 months. It does not appear that swollen to me.  Be patient and do not judge for about five months. It will probably be fine.

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Swollen bumps under my clitoris after labia minora reduction.

It can take a relatively and sometimes surprisingly long time to see the final results of plastic surgery, and that certainly includes labiaplasty.  Without knowing exactly what was done - which technique, how much tissue was removed, any ancillary procedures - it is nearly impossible to comment specifically on these photos.  In general, they look like an appropriate result for 13 days, with the understanding that you still have a lot of swelling.  You should, of course, remain in contact with your plastic surgeon throughout all stages of the recovery process.
I hope that this helps and good luck,
Dr. E

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13 days post-op labiaplasty

It is very typical to still have significant swelling only 13 days after labiaplasty (and any surgery for that matter).  It also tends to be extra tender in the area near the clitoris because this is naturally the most sensitive tissue of the vulva (and the entire body as well).  Remain patient and continue to follow your operating surgeons instructions.  A final result can not be evaluated for at least another 3-6 months.  Glad to help. 

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