2 Questions: Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid LIft?

I had an UPPER blepharoplasty-Eyelid lift about 3 months ago. I was VERY bruised/swollen with having dark marks as football players have on my upper cheeks. Based on that, 1) About how long shall I expect to see the complete results with full recovery and all the swelling gone? Also, I have a bruised area (this was post op) under one eye extending about 1-1/4 inch (people notice it), 2) About how long shall I expect this last bit of bruising to be gone with it now being 3 months post op? Thx.

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What to expect after an Upper Blepharoplasty

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It takes approximately 6 months to see the full effect after an Upper Blepharoplasty surgery.  Swelling and bruising are common after the procedure and usually lasts up to 2 weeks.  Bruises will heal faster when patients refrain from taking any blood thinning medications such as Ibuprofen, aspirin, Fish Oil or Vitamin E and get plenty of rest.  It is not typical for a bruise to last 3 months, so I would make a follow up appointment with your doctor to see if he/she can take a closer look to determine what the spot is and how you can treat it.  Good Luck! 

Pittsburgh Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brusing post bleph

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This can last awhile.Most of the brusing and swelling is down in 4-6 weeks but soem people need longer.Vit K cream and warm compresses made speed up the resolution.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Bruising and Swelling 3 months after Eyelid Surgery

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       Did you only have upper eyelid surgery?  Usually the bruising is gone in one week or two.  If you had additional procedures, such as a cheek lift or lower eyelids, then bruising can persist for longerSwelling may stick around for 6 months or so.  Sometimes, the hemosiderin pigment is not broken down by the body and processed.  As a result, you may have a pigmented area.  This is unusual but this can happen after any surgery.

Darkened skin under eyelids after blepharoplasty

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1) swelling should go down fairly quickly, but still can be persistent.

2) The continued "bruised" area may be staining from deposition of hemosiderin (a breakdown product of blood). Hemosiderin stains may appear brown to bronze in coloration. This does go away over time, but can take 6 months or more.

I know it is hard to be patient during the recovery period.

C.W. David Chang, MD
Columbia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Persistent swelling and bruising after blepharoplasty

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It's not uncommon to have mild residual swelling after blepharoplasty even at 3 months postop. If you are still experiencing significant swelling and persistant bruising, then it's not typical. It would be helpful to have photos but if you are concerned then you should have a follow up visit with your surgeon. I tell my patients to expect final result between 6 -12 months after surgery when all of the swelling has subsided.

Best Wishes,

Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Upper Blepharoplasty Bruising and Recovery

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Thank you for your questions.  Bruising really does differ from patients to patients however normally with Upper Blepharoplasty if patients are prone to bruising and swelling it should take two-three weeks to settle.  You can massage the area which can help also some of my patients will take Arnica tablets.

It is not typical for bruising in Upper Blepharoplasty to last 3 months, please return to your Plastic Surgeon to make a follow up appointment so he can advise and ensure everything is infection free and healing.

Good Luck with your recovery!

Bruising after upper lid surgery

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It sounds like you had a lot of bruising.  It can take two to three weeks to fully clear.  Bruising is quite variable.

Talmage Raine MD FACS


Talmage J. Raine, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Eyelid Bruising after blepharoplasty

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Dear 779296anon

  • Bruising after eyelid surgery fades as your body processes the small amounts of blood under the skin
  • This can take weeks to months, but swelling and healing take longer. 
  • If you have a pigmented area that is new after your surgery, you might show your surgeon to be certain it is not related to sun damage. 

Best Wishes

Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Takes time for bruising and swelling to decrease after upper eyelid surgery

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Bruising and swelling after upper eyelid surgery is completely normal and will vary from patient to patient.  It is unusual for the bruising to be present 3 months after the procedure.  You should expect to see the final results by 6 months.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid surgery

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Most swelling around the eyes dissipates withina  few months, but there may be residual swelling for 6 months or longer.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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