Breasts implant replaced with wrong size

My left side 390cc saline filled breast implant ruptured and my surgeon replaced it with 420 cc. 3 months ago.I did not realize this until I looked at my info cards in comparison only because ive been having a difficult time with the size difference of my breast. Do I have the authority to insist on him to replace my other implant and fill it to 420cc to match. Im so embarrased of this matter. Its difficult to disguise the difference and a daily battle for me.

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Please discuss with your surgeon.

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You don't have "authority to insist" but you certainly have reasons to ask questions and expect  answers. There may have been a good reason he/she thought you would do better with a different size.  But you will need to ask questions to know those reasons. Your surgeon has reasons to keep you happy.  After all, we work for your pleasure.  Generally, if I am going to replace one ruptured saline implant, I recommend replacing both.  If one broke the other one may not be far behind.Have an honest (not angry) discussion with your surgeon.  If you think you deserve special consideration for more surgery after that discussion, express your feelings honestly.  Most of us will work with you the best we can to make you happy.  That may not mean "free" surgery because there are costs involved in the purchase of implants and other supplies.  Be willing to accept compromise. I hope you will be happy with this approach.

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Breasts implant replaced with wrong size

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You certainly have the right to a discussion regarding your implant sizes and any disparity in volumes.  Surgeons handle the described situation differently so there are no hard/fast rules. Ultimately, your surgeon will want you to be happy.  Don't be embarrassed about addressing the issue.

Asymmetry after revision

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If you feel like you have some new asymmetry after your last surgery, you should certainly go get evaluated by your treating surgeon.  Perhaps he/she thought it would help make you more symmetric, but as things settled out it didn't work out.  Tough to say, but it doesn't hurt to go see what they have to say. Your PS has operated on you twice now, so you have a relationship and I would hope you can continue it.

Cain R. Linville, MD
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