Floating Belly Button 3 Week Out From Mini TT?

I am 3 weeks out from mini tummy tuck. Everything looks great and is healing great. Is it normal for the floater to have periodic oozing of what looks like old blood. It's not all the time, once in a while and is all dried?

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Oozing from navel

Typically with a mini-TT there is no incision around the navel, and therefore I am a bit puzzled about why there would be any drainage there. This is a better question to be asked to your surgeon who is familiar with the actual procedure done. A call is certainly appropriate if you are still having drainage at 3 weeks.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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After 3 Weeks there shouldn't be anything oozing. You need to see your surgeon and make sure there is no infection. Make sure that if you have a fever, that you see your doctor.

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