Fleur De Lis TT Complication?

12 days PO, 2 days ago bleeding began at the intersection of the incision. I was directed to wash it regulary and after drying each time to keep it moist with bacitracin. Will the continued moisture allow the incision to continue to split? Should steri strips be placed at the dry ends of the healthy portion of the incision?- the nurse removed them- I would think that the strips would keep it intact and prevent further splitting. I'm healthy/nonsmoker/not lifting/no diabetes/eating well.

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Fleur De Lis TT Complication

Without a photo it is rather hard to give advise contrary to that given by someone who has actually seen the wound. What was done seems quite acceptable. There are presumably buried sutures holding the skin together--it's not just the steri-strips. 

Thanks and best wishes.

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Post Operative Incisional Bleeding

Thank you for the question. Without pictures it is difficult to give an accurate opinion. Having said that It is not unusual to have mild bleeding from the incision site early on. The continued moisture is what will help your body heal. We are made up of mostly water and allowing your tissue to desiccate will kill it not preserve it or allow it to heal better. As a matter of fact when the tissue dies it becomes a scab. The wound holds on to the scab so that it can form a moist environment underneath to heal in.

The steri-strips do not provide the real strength to the wound. That comes from the sutures that are placed in the part of the skin layer called the dermis. This is where the real strength of the skin is even though it is the part we cannot see. The epidermis (the top layer) has no real strength, this is what the steri-strips are holding on to.

 Although difficult to say with certainty not having the aid of pictures and/or an in-person exam it sounds as if your plastic surgeon's advice is correct. Continue to follow up and heed their advice. I hope this helps.

Good luck.

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Healing after Tummy Tuck

"T" shaped incisions due tend to have healing problems and so it may take some time for this to resolve. Without a picture, it is hard to offer specific comments. Your surgeon should be able to access this and offer suggestions. 

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The body wants to heal


Thank you for the question.  If there is good blood supply there and no other issues the body will heal pretty much regardless of what we do in terms of dressings.  Some bleeding is not uncommon in the early phases of healing.  Treat your body well in terms of hydration and keeping the tension off of the incision and your body will do the rest.  Issues affecting your healing should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.

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