Area along bottom right and bottom left ribs are tender three months after Breast implant removal. Causes? (photos)

38 years old. Explant w/ capsulectomy of 15 yr old smooth saline under the muscle implants. PS stated additional time spent scraping scar tissue off ribs below incision. This area is still tender when pushed on 3 months later. Also drain scars are still tender when pushed on. Temperature is normal and no indication of infection on either breast. Pain is not so bad that I have to take a pain reliever but it is still noticeably tender one touched. Ideas on possible causes?

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Pain several months following surgery

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It is relatively common to have areas of increased sensitivity following any surgery.  This typically resolves with time.  It is important to make sure you are stretching and using the muscles in the area normally.  You can also massage areas of tender scarring which can help desensitize it.  Occasionally, these areas of tenderness become chronic and additional intervention or imaging are needed.  This is rare though.  Hopefully your symptoms will resolve in the next few months.  Good luck!

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You are still fairly early in the healing process, and may have some discomfort even a while longer. It takes up to a year to heal after surgery.

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