I Have Flattening on the Bottom of my Rt Breast. I Am 7.5 Wks PO. Is This Normal?

Rt under my rt breast it is VERY flat.. the left is starting to do it, but not nearly as pronounced.. Is it normal?? Will it go away? And if not, what do they do to fix it?

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Flattening at bottom of breasts

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Please post photos and let us know what procedure you had so that we can more precisely answer your questions.  If you had breast implants placed, it does take time for the implants to settle into the pockets (months) and so you have to be patient.  If you had a breast lift and the part you are worried about is where the incision is, scars can take up to one year to mature, soften, etc..

Recovery from Breast Surgery

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Without seeing before and after pictures or even knowing what surgery you had (augmentation or lift or reduction, etc) it is impossible for us to answer your question.


Good luck.

Flattening of breast?

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I think you have to be a bit more specific and give more details. What type of surgey did you have?  Flattening at an incision?

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