Surgery to Flatten and Widen Straight and Narrow Nose?

I have a straight, protruding nose that is very narrow. I would like to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who understands the noses of all races because I would like my nose to be flattened and widened to appear more mulatto and have a more proportionate profile.

I do not want any scars and bumps afterwards and I have heard some doctors perform the surgery by going inside the nostrils so that there are no exterior marks or bumps after the procedure is complete.

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Closed Rhinoplasty can be used to correct many noses

Protruding noses can be corrected by a closed rhinoplasty, or a nose job without external incisions or scars as you describe. In addition, noses can be widened when it is indicated. This is usually done by reducing the height of the nasal cartilage and nasal bones, and adding width to the middle part with spreader grafts, which is cartilage borrowed from the septum. I enjoy performing closed rhinoplasties exclusively as I find patients like not having the external scar, and swelling is usually less. Hope this helps.

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