Flat Tummy Up to 6 Months Post TT, Look 4 Months Pregnant a Year After TT. Could It Be Muscle Repair Failure, Or? (photo)

In 2006 I lost 25 lbs, at 220 lbs I had full TT w/muscle repair. (I had 11 kids) Then I lost another 60 lbs and had another baby. After baby I was 10 lbs less than lowest. My tummy was still flat after that pregnancy, but in 2012-2 yrs after baby I decided to have a mini TT to tighten and fix bad scar (PS said no muscle fix needed) I loved the super flat results! Around 6 months post, my stomach ballooned. NO weight gain, no medical reason per gastro, gyno, many tests. Any ideas what it may be?

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Tummy tuck after pregnancy

From your front photos, it appears that the outer edge of your rectus forms a "parenthesis" shape.  In addition, there is a midline depression.  Both of these factors suggest that midline muscle repair would have helped you achieve a flatter abdomen.  Doing abdominal and core workouts may help some, but surgical repair would have made the result much better.

Concern about result

Thank you for posting your history and photos.  Although a physical exam is needed to make any recommendations, perhaps given you history of another pregnancy, you really needed a full muscle plication?  Please followup with your PS to discuss your concerns.

Mini tummy tuck is almost never indicated in women who have been pregnant.

The results of the mini tummy tuck are modest and probably a full tummy tuck with repair of the abdominal wall and removal of all of the excess skin would have been a better choice of operations.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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