I Have a Flat Surface Butt I Want my Butt to Look Like Jennifer Lopez How Much Fat Do I Need Transferred?

I weigh 145 and my height is 5 1

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Want to look like J-Lo



At your height and weight I would say around 700cc to look like J-Lo. Of course I would need to see a picture to be sure the fat is in the 'right places' and that you have a similar frame to Jennifer.


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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How Much fat does it take to make your butt look like J.Lo's?

Hi CatsNY
Unfortunately, not many women will ever have a figure exactly like J.Lo.  But, I believe that the Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure which gets many women as close as possible.  Whether or not you have enough fat to obtain a figure somewhat like JLo's is impossible to tell without examining you.  Your height and weight indicate that you are probably a candidate.  But, it really depends on where you carry your excess fat as well as your overall health. We always want to perform this and all elective cosmetic procedures as safely as possible.    I have performed this procedure many hundreds of times and have posted many of these photos on my website.  You may find someone there with a figure similar to yours and get a good idea of what is possible. 
Good Luck

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Fat Grafting for Brazilian Buttock Augmentation in Los Angeles

In order to get buttock fullness, shape, and perkiness it is necessary to graft hundreds of ccs of processed fat into each cheek. I have been able to sucessfully do this for patients that are not very heavy and weight about 140lbs.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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