Will Flat Shape Ever Change if a Surgeon Has Raised Fold?

I had revision for capsular contracture and Dr. took liberty of raising the left fold. At 5 mos. post op it's still high and flat on bottom. I had little breast tissue to begin with (36A) and 400 cc's silicone seems to mean a tight pocket. Will it ever stretch and round out? Or did Dr. do something when raising fold that rendered it permantly flat? Will I need new surgery to improve shape? I do not speak to Dr.anymore. I want a revision with a new surgeon. Should I start looking for one?

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Further Revisionary Breast Surgery Necessary?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

I'm sorry to hear about the strained relationship with your plastic surgeon;  this is a difficult situation for everyone involved.

At this point, I think that it is too early to begin to think about revisionary breast surgery. I have found that the breasts will continue to change during the first year after this type of procedure.  As difficult as it may be, I would suggest continued patience and a reevaluation of the end results of the revision breast surgery at the one-year mark.  Hopefully the area of concern will continue to “round out” and further surgery will not be necessary.

Best wishes.

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Higher breast fold after capsular contraction revision. Will it change?

Sorry to Hear about your complains and the fact that you do not want to return to your plastic surgeon. It is hard to make a jugement about your long term results without examining you. If the left breast is getting firm again, it is possible that you are forming another  capsular contraction and that is the reason for the high infra-mammary fold on the left side. However if the left breast is not firm the fold was probably set higher and it can be lowered if it doesn't correct itself. It wouldn't heart to get another opinion now so that the new plastic surgeon can follow your progression. 


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Capsular revision and breast shape

After capsule removals and then pocket revision, the breasts may look different but I would give it more time to settle.

Steven Wallach, MD
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