Flat Discolored Scar? (photo)

I had a ganglion cyst removed about 18 months ago and my scar is still present on my wrist. It's not terrible but my wife and I agreed that we should try and reduce it as much as possible. It does not hurt at all. I've attached 3 pictures. Ignore the redness, that's from playing basketball yesterday and will probably be gone in 2 days.

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Flat Discolored Scar?

From your photos, I don't think that a scar revision would be of any benefit to you.  I also don't think that steroids would benefit you either, since the scar is not raised- in fact steroids may cause atrophy and make it worse, so stay away from steroid injections.  I would suggest laser treatments to try to reduce the color of the scar.  Other than that, you could use some of the topical treatments that contain silicone, over time that may reduce the color.  Good luck!

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Improving scar quality with laser and Melarase cream

There will likely be a scar there for a while. However, you may improve the scar with Melarase cream for discoloration and fractional co2 laser for the texture. Raffy Karamanoukian ,Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Wrist scar revision

Scar revision in the wrist area is tricky because you don't have excess skin to mobilize in that region. Keep in mind also that whenever you move your wrist, you are stretching the scar. That said, it may be worth considering a course of steroid injections before undertaking surgery and also to stage a potential scar revision.

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Scar revision

Hi, your scar can be enhanced by doing a revision. The "sunken" effect and the width can be improved. Of course you will have to aboyd sports for a while.

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Hola, tu cicatriz se puede mejorar haciendo una revision. El efecto hundidonybel ancho pueden ser corregidos. Claro tendras que evitar ejercicio y deportes por un rato. 

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