Flat Brown Dot Mole Inside the Skin Can Laser Remove It?

I have a flat brown dot mole or birthmark inside the skin and was wondering if laser can remove it? is it just like removing a tattoo because they both like inside the skin and looks like a picture. hope somebody can help... PS: here are my pictures so u can see exactly the mole i am talking about...

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Can be removed by excision

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Thank you for your question.  There are various ways to remove birthmarks, depending on its etiology.  For example, a birthmark caused due to a vascular problem needs a completely different treatment than a birthmark such as a mole.  More often than not, vascular birthmarks need to have some form of laser treatment.  They can require more, but a laser is generally a minimum.  Other birthmarks such as a mole, can be excised in the office with relative ease.  The size and location will determine the final outcome.  A photograph always helps but there is no substitute for and in person physical examination.  Make sure you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon for the best outcomes.

Laser Can Work for Pigmented Moles, But Not Recommended

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Lasers can target and treat pigmented lesions.  The photo you showed demonstrates a pigmented nevus.  It appears benign in nature.  The pigment likely goes into the deeper layers of the dermis.  If a laser is used, either it will be incompletely treated, recur, or leave a deep depressed scar.  Additionally, pigmented lesions are not usually treated with lasers as they can mask malignant changes in pigmented lesions. Excision would be the safest, most effective and appropriate treatment. You would trade a mole for a line scar. All the best.


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 Unfortunately, your photographs are not good enough to answer your question. An examination will most likely be required. Your lesion does appear to be one that could be amenable to laser ablation. Consider an examination with an ASAPS member in your local area for an evaluation. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Gary R. Culbertson, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

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