Flat Breast After Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 2-26 and I am to be a B cup but my breast are very flat, is this normal? my doc said they will fill in but I am worried after the swelling goes down I will be left with nothing! I have not been able to find anyone else say that was their experience. HELP!

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Flat breasts after reduction

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It looks to me like you were over reduced.  You should let everything heal up for several months and then see if your surgeon is willing to reoperate to get you closer to where you wanted to be.  This may involve tightening the skin some and/or increasing the volume with implants or fat grafting.

Your over reduction is likely either the result of poor communication or an insurance company dictating how much weight needed to be removed for coverage. 

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Flat Breast After Reduction?

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Still only less than 2 weeks. But I see your concern. If you were insurance covered than the requirements of amounts come into play for this coverage to be in effect. The other option is you had some over resection. Best to allow 3 months of healing than decide. 

Breast reduction

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There is not enought information that was given. What did you want, where did you start.  At this point you have to let things heal and settle down.

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