Will Flat Areas on Nose Change As Swelling Reduces?

I asked my surgeon at a post-op appointment whether or not these flat shapes on the sides of my nose will change as the general swelling of my nose goes down (my bridge is skinny down to my nostrils and will return that way.) I said I didn't like them or the "v" shape and was hoping for a round, Scarlett Johansson type cute bulbous tip that was more like the nose I had but small.

He would not answer me, completely avoided my concern, that is why I am asking here. He just said I should be happy.

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Concerned about tip after Rhinoplasty

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The flat spots, on your photos appear to be similar, but more pronounced to those that appear in your pre-op pics.  The shape, of the tip, is determined by the technique used, during the Rhinoplasty, to reduce/reshape the tip cartilages.  If the center area, of the tip cartilage was removed leaving the wide sections laterally, this may expalin what you see at this point factoring in some post Rhinoplasty swelling. 

If your Rhinoplasty surgeon didn't explain how this may have happened, IMHO, there's no way for any of us here to know what he/she did to your nose during the Rhinoplasty.  IMO, just wait a few months to see what the tip looks like at that point.  Hopefully, it would be more to what you were expecting and if not you can consider your options at that point.

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Unhappy with nose after surgery

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If the left hand picture is a good pre op, why did you have surgery. I cant judge the profile but, you now have apinched tip with alar retraction often called a hanging columella.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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