Will I damage my nose/sinuses by wearing? A mask or making elevation changes 2.5 weeks post op.

Is it safe to wear a dusk mask 2 1/2 weeks after septoplasty. Also, am I doing damages to my sinuses by doing major elevation changes. (Ex. Driving from 2000 ft. Up to 7000 ft.

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Mask and sinuses

It's ok to wear a dust mask, but I would make sure that the mask doesn't compress the nose.  It's best to not put extra pressure on it while it heals. You won't do damage to the sinuses by changing elevation, but you may notice that your ears are more plugged and not able to pop.  After having work done inside the nose the tissue may be swollen.  This swollen tissue may affect the eustachian tube, where the ear connects to the back of the nose.  It will not likley cause damage, but may be uncomfortable.

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