Flabbier Stomach After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I had a Tummy Tuck with upper abdominal Liposuction done 5 1/2 weeks ago. My stomach seemed flatter 2 weeks ago then it does look like so today. I haven't gained any weight, but it seems like the more the swelling subsides, the flabbier my stomach gets. Why?

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Tummy tucks generally look tighter right after surgery

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It is difficult to give you an exact answer without seeing your pre- and post- operative photos. In general, you will generally appear tighter and certainly feel tighter right after surgery. The surgery will cause a significant amount of swelling in the the abdominal area. This swelling will cause an increase in volume under the skin which in turn makes the skin feel and look very tight.

Also, in a tummy tuck, the abdominal wall is tightened, and just after surgery this will have a sense of being very tight. As the swelling subsides, the volume under the skin decreases, therefore, there is not as much force stretching the skin. This results in a less tight or more natural appearance. If the result indeed looks "flabby," it is possible that the skin may need additional tightening. I would certainly ask your surgeon concerning this possiblity.

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You may have needed a full tummy tuck

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Hard to say without photos but it is possible that you had a mini tummy tuck treating the lower abdomen and only liposuction for the upper abdomen. You may have needed a full tummy tuck to get the tightest flattest abdomen you could have.

The combination of a lower abdominal tummy tuck and upper abdominal liposuction has been called a "marriage abdominoplasty" and works well IF your upper abdomen has good muscle tone and NO EXTRA SKIN. If these criteria don't apply to you, then a full tummy tuck is better so the upper abdomen isn't left under treated.

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