Please advise. I had surgery on Wednesday October 5. But now I'm having a little discomfort and weird feeling!

I had a fluer de lis tummy tuck. Which is a vertical and horizontal tummy tuck. My discomfort is on the left side of the incision. It feels like burning. I don't know if this is normal

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Early post op recovery from tummy tuck

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This is very common to have the symptoms you are describing.  This can be as simple as the nerves that were cut during surgery, tape, binders or garments, ect...You will have many different strange sensations and swelling that will slowly improve over the next several weeks to months.  Keep an eye out for any redness or drainage and stay in touch with your surgeon for any concerns.  Good luck


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The nerves that are cut during surgery can give you strange sensations as they grow back.  This could feel like burning, itching, tingling, etc.  As long as you don't have other signs of infection like redness, swelling, pain, fevers or drainage, then it is probably just nerve pain.  Follow up with your surgeon for an exam.

Is this normal?

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Thank you for your question. I believe what you are experiencing is very normal. I tell all my patients it takes 3-4 months to recover from a tummy tuck. Best of luck


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Thank you for your question. This is symptom very common in this phase of the process. Maintain in close contact with your surgeon during next days/weeks. Best of luck 

Abdominoplasty questions

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Great question!  This is a common symptom after an abdominoplasty.  Do not use heating pad or ice because your skin sensation may not be normal and it is easy to injure your skin.  Please discuss with your surgeon and follow all his/her instructions for a speedy recovery.  Good luck!

Five days post TT

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Discomfort, pains, burning sensation are all normal at this stage.  They will usually resolve with time.  Be patient and follow-up regularly with your surgeon.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Little discomfort.

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Based on your information, you are about 5 days post surgery.  This means that this is likely normal.  If something has changed drastically, then I would have your ps take a look. This is a lot of surgery to have to deal with in terms of healing, so this is normal to be expected this early on.  Hope this helps.  Good luck with the rest of your healing.

Burning sensation

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Hello, it is not uncommon to have some burning and discomfort only 5 days after surgery but it is not possible to tell if you are healing normally based on a description.  If your symptoms persist I would suggest discussing them with your surgeon.

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