Fixing Overbite (An Perhaps Missing Overjet) with Invisalign?

Hi, I have a bit of an overbite.The incisors of my upper jaw overlap with the ones of my lower jaw.Thus the incisors of the lower jaw are a bit "worn off". But I think the abrasion is not only due to the overbite. It feels to me like the horizontal distance between the incisors of my upper jaw and the ones of my lower jaw is too little. Can this be fixed with Invisalign?How exactly (no matter if with invisalign or braces) does such a procedure work? Will the upper teeth be moved forward or what?

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Invisalign can be effective treatment for too much overbite or too little overjet

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Overbite, overjet, open bite and crossbite are all dental conditions that can be effectively treated with Invisalign. During the diagnostic phase of treatment, a computer generated model of your teeth, know as a ClinCheck plan, can be viewed for you to see the exact movements that are planned to achieve the most successful result. Modifications to the ClinCheck plan can also be made at this time for the most functional and aesthetic result prior to the manufacturing of the aligner trays.  

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