Fixing an Overbite. Ortho Says She Needs Jaw Surgery?

My daughter was diagnosed with an overbite which I was told could be corrected by braces. Approximately 18 months into her treatment my orthodontist announced that he could not correct the overbite and she would need jaw surgery or extractions but the latter would mean problems closing the gaps. My daughter is now 14 and already 5ft 8 inches. I am looking to change my orthodontist, is it too late to use any form of growth braces for the lower jaw?

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Surgical correction of an overbite

Records (Pictures, xrays etc) would need to be seen in order to address this question fully .  Some children unfortunately do not respond well with growth during braces and do need to have surgery to completely correct their overbites.  With that said it is rare but we all see it in our practices from time to time.  There may be alternatives to surgery that could help her jaw move forward with a functional appliance like a Herbst or MARA - generally these appliances work best during growth but I have had some older children respond very well to these appliances and avoid surgery.  It may be a good idea to get another opinion before proceeding-- I hope that helps!!

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Surgery to fix a bite

There is no way to confirm the recommendation or ofer alternatives without seeing your records. That said surgery is not the place any of us jump to, so if it is the treatment of choice recommeded by your orthodontists - he/she feels that is the best trezatment to get tyou the best result long term - included great health benefit that will effect your overall quality of life.


Always feel free to get a second and third opinion

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