Fixing my Crossbite? (photo)

I would liek to know the best way to fix my crossbite. I have had it since I was 11 following the extraction of 4 teeth due to overcrowding. As my jaw has grown it has become more uneven and so have my teeth. My teeth are quite worn down because my bite is off, my jaw clicks and pops and I also get headaches. I dont know what sort of braces would work best or if I need surgery. Any advice you could give would be hugely appreciated!

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The cross bite, clicking jaw, excessive teeth wear and headaches all point to TMJ Dysfunction (TMD)

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The cross bite, clicking jaw, excessive teeth wear and headaches all point to TMJ dysfunction (TMD).  The solution to your problem is to have a proper evaluation, then conservative treatment.  Be cautious of the traditional approaches that include jaw surgeries.  The evaluation (including TMJ X-rays) and treatment should first be focused on your TMJ dysfunction for up to 6-9 months of treatment to get it corrected and stabilized with ideal function.  This could get your asymmetry (jaw off to side) corrected as well.  Then, re-evaluation for the next phase is in order.  Your upper jaw will need widening and can be done with slow palatal expansion (SPE), a method that uses a removable appliance that slowly widens your entire upper jaw.  Then, when all the lower facial bones are properly aligned, you will be ready for braces to complete the job.  We have successfully treated thousands of similar cases over the last 25 years.  Keep searching to find a doctor who will use this type of conservative treatment.  Good luck in your search.

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