Fixing Ear Lobe Tear for a 18 Month Old Baby?

My daughter has a 2 millimeter ear lobe tear that is 3 days old. I wanted to check if torn ear lobes will get joint after say 4-5 years. I am also looking for suggestions for available options. Her physician has advised to leave the tear as-is for now.

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Ear Lobe Tear 18 Month Old?

Although you may receive a variety of different opinions, I would vote for leaving the area (and your baby) alone for now. You may be surprised how well things heal without intervention.

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Earlobe tear in an 18month old

The tear will not fix itself. It needs to be repaired. You are better off doing it now before she gets older and will not handle the procedure well. It will still be painful to watch her cry during the procedure. Make sure to use Emla cream ( a skin numbing cream) for one hour before the procedure to reduce any pain of the injection needle. Young girls like wearing ear rings and jewelry, don't deprive her of that. Also please print out these instructions that I give to all my patients with earlobe issues and follow these with her forever.


1. Keep the earlobe clean by using cotton balls soaked in hydrogen peroxide three times a day. Then apply over the counter antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin, Polysporin, Triple antibiotic cream or Neosporin.
2. Return in one week to have the sutures removed.
3. Three weeks after surgery you can start wearing light clip on ear rings.
4. Six weeks after surgery you can get your ears pierced.
4. Wear only nickel free jewelry.
5. Do not wear any heavy ear rings,
6. Ear rings should be the last thing you put on before your leave the house and the first thing you take off when you get in the house.
7. Do not use the phone for prolonged periods of time or take the ear rings out.
8. Do not use pull over shirts or sweaters while wearing the ear rings.
9. Take off the ear rings at night



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Earlibe repair in infant

It is certainly possible to do under local anesthesia. Just be prepared to have her held very tightly and be ready for lots of crying!  most plastic surgeons are so accustomed to suturing babies in the ER during their practice, so should be able to handle this as well.  one surgeons may recommend waiting until she is older and can cooperate with the procedure.

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Earlobe tear

Dear caeverest,

  • If the earlobe tear is still fresh, you can apply a bandage across the wound, bringing the wound edges together, for a week (change the dressing daily)
  • 2mm is pretty small and it should heal well
  • You may want a plastic surgeon to take a look if you are concerned
  • Either way, it can be repaired if it does not heal properly

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