Fixing Asymmetrical Eyes in DFW Area? (photo)

I am very bothered (and have been for years) by my asymmetrical eyes. Some days, they look worse. Other days, it's more tolerable. At certain angles, my eyes look really uneven. I seem to have chronic sinus infections and my forehead hurts a lot. I'm wondering if the problems are connected. I've tried Dysport, but it didn't do too much to fix the asymmetry. I can feel the extra skin weighing down my right eye especially. It's uncomfortable at times. Ideas? I really don't want to drop thousands.

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Asymmetry of the eyelids.

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The pictures show that your left upper lid skin is looser than the right side and the eyelid fold is deeper on the right. Botox and Dysport will not correct this condition. You need to be seen and carefully evaluated for an eyelid surgery. It might be possible to operate only on the left side. 

Uneven eyebrows

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Asymmetrical Eyebrows are a very common problem that can be temporarily addressed with Botox, or permanently with a brow lift.  Sinus headaches located over the frontal area  are best addressed with a CT scan of the sinuses and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery when chronic infection and polyps are present

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Left Brow Higher, More Loose Left Eyelid Skin

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   From the pictures, your left brow appears higher and your left eyelid appears to have more loose skin.  This is usually the opposite scenario - the higher brow has less skin.  Botox could lift the right brow to the left.  If you would consider surgery, a brow lift or brow pexy could be used to lift the right brow.  The loose skin on the left eyelid would need to be corrected with upper eyelid surgery removing skin.  Hope that helps.

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