Post Rhinoplasty: Can my Deformed Nose be Fixed?

Hello , I am a 28 years old woman from Europe and I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago.The nose became much smaller, but it is very asymmetric/curved as you can see on the pistures.

According to the surgeon who performed the rhinoplasty,no revision can be done ,because the results are going to be much worse after that. What can I do? I really don't like my nose :-( :-( :-( And what kind og deformity is that? Thank you

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There is no harm in getting a second or third opinion


Thank you for the question.  There are few times that we run into surgical situations where truly nothing ca be done.  Before you reach that conclusion you owe it to yourself to get at least a second opinion.  Seek consultation with well trained board certified plastic surgeons that have experience in secondary rhinoplasty procedures.

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Dr. Remus Repta

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Crooked nose deformity

Having had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago, it is entirely possible to fix your current concerns of having a crooked nose. There are also non-surgical options such as fillers that may help to mask the asymmetries of the tip if that is your major concern. Otherwise, surgical revision rhinoplasty is an excellent option and I would seek the services of a surgeon familiar with revision rhinoplasty procedures.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose can be fixed

This nose can be fixed. You need to see a doctor with good experience with deviated noses and revision rhinoplasty. It's reasonable to have it be much straighter and more symmetric.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post rhinoplasty deformity can be fixed.

Post rhinoplasty deformity can be fixed. It requires an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon. You need alar grafts for the pinched, asym. tip, and grafts of cartilage to straighten your nose as well as a septoplasty to fix the deviation.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Deformities after Rhinoplasty.

  I have performed Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and have done some very difficult Revision Rhinoplasty cases over the years.  I see no reason, from these photos, that you could not have a Revision Rhinoplasty.  From your photos, you do appear to be a candidate for a Revision Rhinoplasty and IMHO, the goal would be to correct the following things that I see in your nose.

  1. There appears to be an open roof deformity from over resection of the nasal bones without adequate closure of these bones with lateral osteotomies...the result is a wide nasal bridge.
  2. The nasal tip cartilages are asymmetric creating a C-shaped nasal deformity from over resection of the tip cartilages.

 To correct these issues, an Open Revision Rhinoplasty would be done using a conchal, cartilage ear graft to provide support and symmetry to the nasal tip, combined with multiple intra-domal permanent sutures to cretae a shapely, more symmetric, supported, nasal tip.

Excess scar tissue would need to be removed from the nasal tip and supra-tip areas and finally, the nasal bones would be infractured to thin the nose and close the open roof deformity.

Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhinoplasty

Your surgeon is wrong.  There are definitely things that can be done to improve the look of your nose.  It appears that the sidewalls of your nose (on either side of the tip) have been weakened.  This has caused the tip to appear pinched.  There are also some irregularities and asymmetries of the tip itself.  These things can absolutely be improved in the right hands.  Do not despair, but choose the revision rhinoplasty surgeon very carefully. 

Matthew Bridges, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhinoplasty requires accurate diagnosis.


1)   Absolutely, your nose can be improved, but you need to find a very qualified surgeon, because this is difficult surgery

2)   A detailed examination leads to a very detailed, step by step surgical plan.

3)   Just looking at your pictures, I would say you have collapse of the left wall of your nose, and this is mostly what is causing your nose to look crooked.  This is corrected with a cartilage graft.  Your nose may also be too flat, and the profile may need building up.

4)   The other apparent problem is the deformity of the tip of your nose.  This can be improved by a combination of sutures and grafts.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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