I Have a Fixed Bridge Done 19 Yrs Ago and Right Now I Have a Infection on the Back Post, What Can I Do? (photo)

i am on medicaid and i have a fixed partial bridge that is now facing infection on the back post the shrinkage of the gums are now hurting and i cannot not afford a implant i am willing to be a before and after pt i really dont want to be without teeth i have a partial removable on my right side which doesnt even fit and medicaid wont even align it this really is painful i am taking amoxicillin 875 mill everyday and have lupus can i just dont have the money or a job to fix this please in nYC

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Infection under bridge

This is a very difficult question to answer without examining you. A dentist needs to diagnose and determine what is the source of the infection. Is it from the gum or bone or from the tooth? Treatment options will depend on this diagnosis. If that back tooth is in good condition the infections may be treated and eliminated with gum therapy or root canal therapy. If the tooth is in poor condition and is not a good long term support for the bridge, then you may be better of extracting it.

I do not know what the medicaid coverage is in you state. In my state it is very limited for adults. If you have financial limitations, you may want to check around for public health clinics, or area dental schools to see if they take medicaid.

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