Are Fixed Braces Still Required After Invisalign?

During my consultation for invisalign, I was told that to finish of the job with invisalign I still may need to wear fixed braces (train tracks) for 2-3 months! My orthodonist told me this is what all patients get told when starting invisalign, obviously this was a big put off for me as I wanted the treatment to be as discreet as possible which is why I opted for invisalign. Is this true?

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Fixed braces after Invisalign not usually...

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It's possible that the orthodontist was "covering his bases" and explaining a worst case scenario. There are some movements that just won't work well with invisalign, but for the most part, the entire treatment should/could be done with just the invisalign.

I sometimes tell some patients that there may be a month or two of brackets to rotate some teeth and that before and/or after the brackets Invisalign could be used, but this is not a conversation for ALL Invisalign patients.

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