How to Fix Uneven Mouth? (photo)

I have an uneven mouth that you can probably notice in the picture, not sure which topic this fits under. I was wondering if there are any recommendations of the type of doctor I can see i.e. a physician? Thanks

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Fixing an uneven mouth and lips


That's something that can often be readily improved.  The key is to have this area examined to see what the cause is.  If you have some scarring in your mouth or under your skin that can be improved leading to resolution of the problem.  If you have excess muscle activity on one side of your mouth then something like Botox could be the solution. 

If neither of these are the issue, then we can do a subnasal lip lift where a few stitches are put in to correct the lip asymmetry.

Let me know if I can help with fixing your lip or answering more questions.

Jeffrey Spiegel, MD

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