How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows Due To Ptosis Surgery At Age 2 and 12? (photo)

After having ptosis surgery when i was 2 y/o and rotation of my eye lid at 12 on my left eye lid. my left eye brow is way more arched and thinner. i want to know how to fix my uneven eye brow, how to get hair to grow back out of it so i can shape it up, and What can i do to make it back even? In the light it looks short because the only part that is dark is the top half of my eye brow because of the thickness but as the hairs of the brow go down it gets thinner.

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Frontalis recruitment

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The reason your left eyebrow is arched higher is that you are using your brow to elevate your droopy eyelid [ptosis].

In most patients, as you fix the droopy eyelid is fixed, the brow will descend.

In some patients, because they have been using the brow for a long time, botox may be needed to stop the arching process, initially.


The hairs unfortunately are not easy to replace. Some hair transplant surgeons may be able to help. There is also some research being done to see if Latisse can be used for eyebrow hair growth.

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Compensatory brow elevation from eyelid ptosis

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The reason your left brow is higher than the right is because you have more ptosis (droopy upper eyelid) on that side, and your brain is telling to lift the brow on that side higher in order to see better (it is a compensatory phenomenon).  So the answer is not any kind of brow surgery but ptosis surgery.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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