How Can I Fix my Uneven Breasts?

My breasts are about 2 cup sizes different, and one sags more than the other. My breasts make me very insecure and depressed. I just want to know what is the best cosmetic surgery to fix them, and the price. They are very different sizes, so I am assuming it will cost a fortune, and that I would have to save up for years.

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Breast Asymmetry Not Uncommon.

Breast asymmetry is an extremely common problem amongst women.In most cases, this is relatively minor and women aren’t bothered by it.Occasionally, it can be severe and treatment is necessary.
A multitude of options can be used to treat the problem.These may include breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation or various combinations of these procedures.
It’s important to realize every patient is unique.They have specific aesthetic goals and unique anatomic findings.The specific treatment for any individual patient will depend entirely upon these issues.
In most cases, the goal of symmetry is most easily accomplished with a bilateral procedure.Occasionally, a unilateral procedure will suffice but this is unusual.
When the goal is to make the smaller breast larger, the simplest solution is a unilateral breast implant.Unfortunately, if the size differential between the two breasts is small, there may not be a small enough implant to correct the problem.Under these circumstances, bilateral breast augmentation may be necessary.If sag is present, a breast lift may be necessary as well.
In some cases, the larger breast may be the primary concern.Under these circumstances, a unilateral breast reduction may be necessary.Occasionally, it’s necessary to perform a procedure on the opposite breast for symmetry.These might include a lesser breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation or a breast lift in combination with breast augmentation.
Every patient needs to be considered individually.The treatment plan should be appropriate for their anatomy and aesthetic goals.The cost is entirely dependent upon the option chosen.If you’re considering correction of breast asymmetry, it’s important that you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon.He can help you determine which option is best for you.

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How to fix uneven breasts

A breast augmentation should be able to fix uneven breasts, although the exact method required for proper correction would require an in-person consultation and assessment.  You may require a breast lift, different types of implants, or perhaps simply a size correction of the existing implants. 

Suzanne M. Quardt, MD
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Breast Augmentation Candidate

Thank you for your question and sharing your photo. I think you would be a great candidate for Breast Augmentation. 

Women choose to have breast augmentations for a variety of reasons including:

  • Long-term dissatisfaction with their breast size.
  • Lack of proportion in their body shape
  • Wanting to regain or enhance breast size after having children or losing weight.
  • Wanting to correct uneven or malformed breasts

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You Would be a Good Aug/Pexy Candidate

Thank you for your question. You need an aug/pexy with different sized implants for each side. In an aug/pexy, a breast augmentation is combined with a mastopexy, or breast lift, to both place implants and correct the size difference in the two breasts.

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Breast asymmetry

Thank you for the question and photo.  Breast augmentation is the most common way to fix asymmetry in women's breasts.  It could be done by placing different size implants but also depends on the degree of asymmetry.  Best to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon regarding your concern.  Best of luck.  Dr. Michael Omidi

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Breast asymmetry is normal

Asymmetry is very common, and is in fact the norm for women. There may be a difference in size and or shape, and this can be quite severe. You can choose to have the smaller breast enlarged with an implant or the larger breast reduced to achieve more symmetry. Depending on the treatment, pricing varies from $8000-$9500 in Toronto, Ontario. Financing is also available that will allow you to pay just a couple of hundred dollars a month for your surgery.

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Uneven breasts

The larger breast can be augmented with an implant or the smaller one can be reduced with a breast reduction.  A full exam and consultation would be required to advise you accurately regarding which option is best for you.  Your situation is not uncommon and can easily be treated.

Best of luck,

Christopher J. Morea, MD
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Uneven breasts

Uneven breasts like yours can be made much better. A lift on one side with a reduction on the other would help. Implants can also help depending on what size breasts you want to have.  I\Yours is a very common deformity that plastic surgeons see all the time.

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Correction of Asymmetric or Uneven Breasts

Based on your pictures, I think that you would get the best cosmetic result with an augmentation of your smaller breast with a silicone implant and a breast lift/reduction of your larger breast using the vertical technique ("lollipop" scar) for the reduction. In cases of severe asymmetry, it is better to first expand the smaller breast with a tissue expander (a type of saline implant that is gradually filled over time). I may be wrong but looking at the photos I don't think you would need expansion unless you wanted to be a lot larger on your left size. Doing just a reduction of the larger breast would work, but you would be left with two fairly small breasts. The cost will vary quite a bit depending on the type of surgery you choose and where you have your surgery since average costs vary widely in different size cities.

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Breast asymmetry

All breasts are asymmetric, but some are more than others.  You are in the more category.  Looking at your photos the left one seems to have a laterally pointing nipple which probably can not be changed too much if at all.  If you want a volume match of the right breast, then an implant will be needed on the left.  If you want a slightly smaller breast on the right., then a reduction on that side and possibly a small implant on the left would be good. It really depends upon your goals.

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