How Do You Fix a Top Bite After Braces? (photo)

Hi, I am currently 16. I have been wearing my braces for about 3 years now and I am hoping to get them off soon. I went from having an over bite with 1 vampire fang on my right side to a top bite that's slowly turning into a under bite and I don't know what to do, and when I confront her she told me " your teeth are just like that" and shes planning on talking my braces off next month. You you think I am able to fix my top bite without having braces on? how much is invislign?

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Fixing an under bite

Rubberbands are a common treatment approach to fix an underbite in teenagers. Rubberbands can be used with braces and also with Invisalign. Consider getting a second opinion about your under bite, before you get your braces off. Bring your beginning photo's and x-rays with you to that appointment.

The main concern in your case is whether your jaws are done growing, or if your bite will worsen as you get older. Sometimes having family members with an under bite can give you an idea what may happen in the future.

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