How Can I Fix the Appearance of my Teeth Without Braces? (photo)

I'm interested in an affordable way to fix the general appearance of my teeth, as I am not necessarily concerned about my bite but more of the aesthetic appeal (of my top row of teeth, especially). How would I go about doing that, and generally approving my smile? Perhaps filing down the canines and some enamel shaping? Thank you!

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Improving the "smile line" of your front teeth

There are many ways that you can improve the appearance of your front teeth.  It really depends on what you don't like about them and what you mean by affordable.  Let me list some of your options.

1)  Cosmetic recontouring:  This certainly would involve reshaping the canine teeth and in my opinion the gumline should be reshaped as well to give a more esthetic contour to thegum.  I think that you would have to change the shape of your other 4 incisors as well by some contouring and some dental bonding to add to certain parts of the teeth to create a better tooth shape.  This would probably be your least costly option.  It leaves the door open down the road to do something else.

2) Direct resin veneers.  These would be veneers that the dentist would sculpt directly onto your tooth.  ONe drawback to this is that the result depends a lot on the aristry of the dentist.  Resin discolors with time and so expect about 5 to 8 years of esthetic results.  Cost wise this would be more than the first option but less than the next.

3)  Porcelain veneers are a very beautiful way to restore your smile.  They are long lasting, and colour stable.  Be sure that your dentist uses a great lab. 


With all of the above choices I would highly recommend reshaping your gum.

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