How to Fix Sunken Lower Inner Eyelids?

I just had CO2 Laser Eyelid resurfacing. Pics 3-4 (2 mos post procedure.) Still have shadows of inflamed skin.

Pleased with the upper&outer corners, but my chief complaint has always been the inner to center lower sunken circles that still remain! I'll ask my Dr. to redo the CO2 @ the 6 mo waiting period to try to shrink it. Would filler help? Never used Botox or fillers. He says I don't have enough skin for surgical lift. I'm 45, never go in sun, use sunscreen. Just want to look my best.

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Eye lid appearance after co2 resurfacing

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Fractionated CO2 is very good for improving the skin quality, but will do nothing for deficiency in volume.  To improve the tear trough, you should consider Restylane to fill it, or fat grafting.  Lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) can also be a viable choice.

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