How to Fix Smartlipo Arm Dent & Pain and Bumpy Abs

I had smart lipo almost three years ago. I have these problems: 1. A 'dent' in my upper arm they went too close to the muscle then it puffs out at the top and looks ridiculous. I have a lot of pain in this arm...still three years later! 2. My abs are lumpy/bumpy like cellulite. What should I do???

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Lumps and Dents After Liposuction

Lumps and dents after liposuction are difficult to correct. Treatment options include fat transfer to the areas of indentation and revising the liposuction of the lumpy areas. I recommend seeking out the most experienced liposuction surgeon in your area.

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Liposuction dents and lumps

If you have not yet seen your surgeon to discuss your condition, you should. Have they already tried to fix it?  Bumps might be treated with liposuction and a very tiny cannula and the indents might be improved with fat injection.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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