What Are The Options To Fix my Sagging Double Chin? (photo)

Please see attached photo. I am 24. I started noticing in photos I have a sagging chin where I look like I have a double chin. I am fairly in shape. I run all the time. How do I get rid of this? Find 1 picture without my shirt as of 10-9-11. Another photo from 2 years ago where I am in blue shirt Summer of 2009. Is it stress from working? Will working out fix this? I did gain wait in 2009. I got down to 190 from 230. I now am back at 220 in 2011 but its mostly muscle.

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Chin / Neck

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Hi J,

There are a few procedures you could do if you wanted to correct this problem. One would be some kind of light lipo in the neck area. I don't believe a full neck lift would be appropriate at your stage of life, though. If you wanted to enhance your chin or jaw this would also help correct your double chin appearance. This would be done by using artificial implants.
Dr. Y

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