How Can I Fix my Nose?

I've been terribbley unhappy with my nose as long as I can remember. Doctors from what you see what can be done with this mess ?

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What can be done for your nose

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I wouldn't call your nose a mess.  It actually doesn't seem to need too much (though there may be things that are only demonstrated by a photo from the front and from beneath).  I have an opinion, but I usually like to get an idea of what you, the patient, want to achieve.  The best approach is to tell your surgeon what you don't like and let them add to what can, and maybe, should be done.


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I would not call this a mess either. A complete operative plan for rhinoplasty really requires multiple views of the nose along with measurements for relative proportions. Given the limitation of only a side view the only apparent goals of rhinoplasty would be removing the hump on the bridge, making the radix at the root of the nose slightly deeper, decreasing the forward projection of the tip from the cheeks and addressing what appears to be a tethered upper lip. The specifics would be rasping the radix, rasping down the bone part of the bridge, cutting back the cartilage part of the bridge, shortening the inner limbs of the c-shaped tip cartilages and chipping back the anterior nasal spine.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Options for rhinoplasty

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First, it is far from the worst nose I have seen.  From your picture ( which is limited) I would recommend a take down of the hump, refinement of the tip and shortening of the nose by resecting the end of the septal cartilage.    You would most likely require a fracturing of the bones of the nose to balance all the elements out.

Wishing you all the best,

Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

Rhinoplasty Options

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I see a few features that may be of cosmetic concern-  of course, this is a subjective decision that only you can make.  However, what I would anticipate doing is: 1.  Slightly deprojecting (moving back) the tip;  2.  Take down the bump creating a straighter profile; if indicated and likely, osteotomies to reset the nasal bones.  Not sure if anything else will be indicated.

Rhinoplasty can improve appearance of nose

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The rhinoplasty procedure can be done either open or closed.  Primary rhinoplasties are usually performed closed for a simple reductive rhinoplasty.  The goal of the rhinoplasty operation is to decrease the projection, take the hump off the nose, narrow the sidewalls, and refine the tip if necessary.  Occasionally the nasal spine is removed and the caudal septum is shortened to prevent a columellar show.  This is usually performed under general anesthesia in a certified surgery center.  It is important to have a board certified anesthesiologist in attendance during the procedure to monitor anesthesia.  


To do photo imaging with your own photo, download our iPhone app free of charge.  Just enter "Seattle Plastic Surgery with Dr. Portuese" as search terms.  Once downloaded, you can simulate rhinoplasty by changing the shape of your nose to be smaller, larger, etc... 

Nose surgery to correct nasal hump

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From your photo, it appears that your nose has a slight dorsal hump and that your nose is somewhat prominent - the bridge projects forward and is out of proportion to your other facial features (cheeks, chin  and forehead).  Although, you would need to be properly examined in person, I believe you would benefit from a rhinoplasty to eliminate the hump and decrease the size/projection of the nasal bridge to better balance your nose with your other facial features.  You may also benefit from an upper lip augmentation with a small amount of filler such as Juvederm or Restylane.  I perform these procedures routinely, in little over an hour, in our outpatient surgery center.   You can see before and after photos of similar patients at my website  Please, don't refer to your nose as a "mess", you have lovely facial features and a relatively simple procedure would significantly improve this slight imperfection.

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