Fix a New Hernia After Tummy Tuck? Or Not? (photo)

I had a FTT with muscle and umbilical hernia repair 4 months ago. Somehow, the stitches under my BB button didn't hold and I again have a small umbilical hernia. It doesn't hurt, but I can (just barely) see my BB through my clothes. My PS says he can fix it through a half-moon incision below my BB using the same BB scar. Or, I can leave it alone if it doesn't bother me. Could an attempt to fix it make it look worse? Is a fix likely to fail, again? Will my BB ever look somewhat normal?

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Hernia After Tummy Tuck

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The navel appearance bothers you due to a few things:

  • the hernia
  • hypertrophic scar
  • widening of the navel

I think that fixing the hernia can result in improved overall appearance of the navel, and should improve an overall nice TT result. A Gore-tex pursestring suture can set a smaller size as the closure is done after the hernia repair.

Thanks for the question, and for the photos. Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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