What can be done to fix my uneven lips and scar tissue due to an accident? (Photo)

I was bit by a dog on the mouth as a teenager and a plastic surgeon stitched my top lip back together, as it was completely split in half. The left side of my lip now sits lower than the right side, it also hangs lower on the bottom because of scar tissue.

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Lip Scar Revision

Thank you for your picture and question. Sometimes when the delicate tissues of the lips are injured, thick scarring can form beneath the surface.  In your case, this seems to have resulted in enlargement of the left half of your upper lip. Treating this area would involve a small lip reduction procedure (surgery) and possibly some tiny steroid injections afterward.  The procedure can be performed with local anesthesia in the office.  The alternative would be to add some filler to the right side of your lip, to make it even with the left.  The choice depends on your overall aesthetic goals. Best of luck moving forward!

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