How Should I Fix my Teeth?

I have caps on both of my front teeth. There is a small gap in between them and one of them is chipped. Because they're caps I do not know the best way to fix them. I am also tight on money so what would be a good yet decently priced fix? I thought about filing down the chipped tooth but I also heard that dental bonding may solve both problems. What are my options and what are the price ranges for them?

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How do I fix my teeth?

Two choices really in my opinion one two new crowns the best option by far and second option veneers over your existing crowns not as good.

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Photos, Photos, Photos............Is the only way to give you the right answer. An x-ray of the 2 teeth wouldn't hurt either.

How Should I Fix my Teeth?

The most ideal solution since you mentioned you have a gap between your two front crowns is to get your upper 4 teeth done.  The two existing crowns should be replaced and you can also have the two adjacent teeth placed in porcelain veneers.  This should help get you better proportions and close up the gap, and also give you a more natural, aesthetic look.  You mentioned money is tight so your best bet would probably just be to at least redo the two upper crowns with new crowns.  Talk to the dentist about if they offer a warranty on their work so this way they will fix them if you have future problems.  Care credit and other financing companies are good options, and some offices will actually create a payment plan for you.  Make sure the dentist uses a top quality lab and ask to see lots of before-and-after pictures.  Dental bondings over the crowns is not a good option and will not last for you in the long run.  Porcelain crowns can range anywhere from $800-2000 per tooth depending on the lab and complexity of your case.  

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Repairing crowns and gap

Dental boding on Porcelain is a waste of time and money. The only way is to replace your chipped crowns. Since you mentioned financial issues, i must add that there should be payment plans available to you in most dental offices such as "Care Credit"  which have plans without interest for up to a year. Do not forget  that you also need to consider:

1) Why the crown chipped in the first place. You need to know the cause other wise it can happen again.

2) If you like to close the gap, you will end up with larger , wider teeth. This may not be aesthetically pleasing. Consult with a cosmetic dentist and bring up the above issues, if she/he does not ( in which case find another one!)

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Two New Crowns Needed

The only acceptable solution is to replace the two crowns. Trying to "patch" the crown with bonding will not last.  My advice is to wait until your finances allow and replace both crowns with new all ceramic crowns.  Good luck. 

Scott Young, DDS
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How to Fix Existing Crowns on Front Teeth

Bonding to existing crowns is not a long term solution as it will most likely not hold up when you are bonding to existing crowns in the areas you described.  Your only real solution is to have the two crowns replaced.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
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Chipped Crown repair

I would suggest trying bonding first.  The Doctor must use porcelain etch and silae prior.  You may end up needing to replace the crowns which is best option if money is not a problem.

Ira Shapira, DDS
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