What Could Fix my Teeth Fast? (photo)

I have a large gap in my front teeth and one of front teeth is crooked and I have a overbite. How can I fix this fast

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To get a great result, I don't see a quick way...

Although your photo is a little dark, it appears you have a very large space between your central incisors.  Since it is about the same size as a central incisor, trying to fix it with a dental restoration is problematic.  An thorough orthodontic exam and x-rays would help determine what the cause of the space might be...which would lead to the appropriate treatment.  It could be a that you have an unerupted extra tooth in the midline, a prominent frenum (muscle) attachement, or missing lateral incisors....or a combination of these.  Most likely orthodontic treatment is needed as part of the solution to this problem.

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How to Fix Your Teeth Fast

Im sorry, but you did not provide enough adequate photos and information to be able to properly diagnose your problem. The photo is way too dark and does not show enough teeth. You would need X-rays and a dental examination to discover all the issues.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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