Can I Fix my Right Eye Being Alot Bigger Than my Left? (photo)

Hi! When I was 5years old I had an operation to correct my lazy eye, it was my right eye. I don't know if that has any relevance to this problem but I have always noticed my right eye is alot bigger than my left. It knocks my confidence a hell of alot especially when people comment on it or use it againsed me. I'd really like to get it fixed, could I? Also, my right brow is alot more raised than my left if that's any help? Please help me, I need self esteem :,(

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Complex situation.

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Yes your strabismus surgery may have played a role.

First, let do the body dysmorphic screening (BDD).  Ask your self how many hours a day you are thinking about this issue.  Are you avoiding social situations because of your appearance concerns?  If you are thinking about this more than an hour a day and avoiding social situations then you might have BDD.  If that is the case, working with a psychologist can be helpful.

Regrading the asymmetry itself, I recommend a very careful and thoughtful assessment by an oculoplastic surgeon.  The fact that you raise the right eyebrow more than the left suggest some type of latent ptosis on the right side and possible on both side.  Office based testing is very helpful in assessing latent ptosis.

This does not mean you need surgery on these issues.  Please proceed carefully.

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Minor asymmetries of the eyelids should be left alone.

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Any asymmetry in the provided photograph is extremely modest. There's no role for surgery in the situation.

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