How to Fix my Overjet? (photo)

I have an overjet of around 5-6 mm along with an overbite. I do not feel any discomfort or pain in my jaw/teeth and my teeth are otherwise healthy. I am around 25 and in a field of job where wearing visible braces will be uncomfortable for me. I have attached images to give a view of my condition. Apart from a bad smile I do not have other issues and do not wish to undergo surgery for my problem. Can it be fixed through other means? Is invisalign a good option.

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5-6mm overjet treated with Invisalign

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I have treated overjets of 12mm with Invisalign and 2 extractions.

Your case can be treated without extractions so long as you do not mind a 1-2mm overjet.

Or you can have interproximal stripping to reduce this overjet.

Invisalign is perfect for you.

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