Should I Fix my Nose? (photo)

Backround: Born a premature baby, tubes in nose when young, had nosebleeds often as a kid, surgery to remove some bump in my nose that caused it around 10-14 years old. What I really dislike is that one nostrol is too large overall, the right one. It bulges out more and has a larger nostrol. Only super noticable when I tilt my head up. Should I fix it? Will I be able to afford it? Will it scar? Is there any good places in Atlanta, Columbus, Auburn? GA and Alabama basically.

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Septorhinoplasty for Nose that is Too Big

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You appear to be a candidate for surgery, likely a septorhinoplasty, but the exact procedure can be determined after examining the inside of your nose. Additionally, the surgical and x-ray reports from your previous nasal surgery would help if you can get them. The outside of your nose is crooked and contributing to the asymmetry in your nostrils. Your septum inside the nose may also be deviated and responsible for some of the external crookedness and asymmetry. Straightening the outside and inside of the nose may even out the asymmetry in the nostrils. There are plenty of plastic surgeons in the Georgia and Alabama areas. I would gather your reports and contact a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in nasal surgery including the inside of the nose. Cost and extent of scarring is hard to determine without examining the inside of your nose. Cost also varies depending on whether you are eligible for heath insurance. coverage.

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