How to Fix my Facial Asymmetries?

Hi, I've recently become aware of how asymmetric my face is. As you can see in the picture, the right side of my face is a lot fuller and "lazier" than the left. I think it may have something to do with my right side being weaker, but not sure. What, if possible, would be the best way to make my right side look more like my left? Thank you!

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Decreasing Facial Asymmetries

Some asymmetry is normal in all people, even the most beautiful and handsome. Severe asymmetries can be reduced using implants or the injection of fillers or the patient's own fat. A thorough evaluation of your face, preferably in person, will provide the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all your alternatives.

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How to Fix my Facial Asymmetries?

You need a full maxillofacial evaluation along with appropriate imaging studies.  Chances are you have asymmetrical development of your bony structure, known as hemifacial microsomia.  If that turns out not to be the case then it is purely soft tissue and most likely due to Rhomberg's disease, for which there are different techniques of correction.  In this day and age, probably stem-cell enhanced fat transfer is probably the preferred technique.

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Facial asymmetry

First of all, you have a very beautiful face!  That is what I would love you to focus on when you see yourself.  Secondly, facial asymmetry is the norm rather than the exception and interestingly, studies suggest, we prefer some facial asymmetry to digitally-created perfect symmetry in photographs!  Facial shape is largely dictated by bone structure.  Soft tissue and muscle are also part of the picture.  There are some surgeons who specialize in complex facial skeletal augmentation - but this is much more difficult, costly, and risky than it might seem.  It requires x-rays and careful 3-D reconstruction for best results.  Be careful if you look into this option and do your homework.  Small amounts of improvement might be noticeable and enjoyable for you, so a very good experienced injector can bring a bit more balance to your facial shape as well.  Again be careful of this and perhaps have them demonstrate to you with a temporary saline injection, what you might be able to expect.


Best wishes! 

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Asymmetric face

I think you look darling. A very symmetric face is bland, an asymmetric one is much more interesting as it has more interesting angles.   Being overly concerned about symmetry is a losing proposition as is makes you crazy about things that only you see and are very difficult if not impossible to fix. It looks as if a chin implant might help the overall look. I would strongly recommend if you did anything to do it with HA fillers that can be dissolved if necessary.

Val Lambros, MD, FACS
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