Can Anything Be Done to Fix my Eyelids?

When I was young I had what seems to be ptosis of the eye lid, and my parents decided to go ahead with surgery at a young age. I had numerous surgeries and now I have horrible scars on my eyelids and a monolid I would like to know if anything can be done to fix it. My self confidence is low and I would like to have normal eyes. Please someone help

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Monolid, eyelid scars

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It is difficult to answer your question specifically without photographs to have a better understanding of the scar and deformity you were concerned with.   Having had your eyelid surgery as a young person I suspect there is an adequate amount of skin to resect the scar and improve the upper eyelids.  A crease can also be created in the upper eyelid by fixing the muscles and skin to the levator (elevating) mechanism of the upper eyelid. More specific recommendations could be made if you were able to post photographs

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