What Can I Do to Fix my Under Eye Skin? (Photos)

My under eye skin is slightly puckered and has a slightly different pigmentation from the rest of my face. This is only minor and is usually worse when I'm tired but I don't want it to get worse. What can I do to prevent or even improve it?

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Discoloration of lower lids

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Discoloration of the lower lis can occur from a variety of causes.  Make sure allergies under under control, low salt diet, etc.  Surgery will not help discoloration, but will get rid of any shadow effect caused by the herniated fat bags.  

Restylane works for tear trough hollows

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Based on your photo, you appear to have some hollowing under your eyes in the area of the tear trough. Its also possible that you may have some protruding lower lid fat which contributes to the hollows but its hard to know for sure without and in person examination. Nonetheless, Restylane can often be used to sucessfully fill in the tear trough hollows. If the discoloration is due to the shadow from the hollows, the filling the area can reduce the discoloration.if the discoloration is in the skin itself, then I would consider a peel or skin care under physician supervision as the treatment of choice.

Anita Mandal, MD
Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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