What Can I Do to Fix my Double Bubble? (photo)

I had a dounut lift/augmentation in Jul09 and within two weeks I noticed both breasts had dents under them. My doctor did a revision two mths later and removed the capsule and scored under the muscle. After the swelling went away the double bubble was back worse than before. This time we waited 12mts to do a revision were my implants were moved from duel plane postion to subglandular well I still have the DB but not as bad. What do you recommend I do now? I cannot stand to look at my breasts.

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Correcting a double bubble problem

You have a double bubble that appears to be from a combination of the crease being too low and some breast tissue sagging off of the implant.  The implant appears to be submuscular.  This usually occurs when there is some pre-existing breast sagging or looseness of the breast tissue.  An inferior capsulopexy would be suggested to correct the problem.

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Breast Revision?

Thank you for the question and pictures.
I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have had after surgery.
Although best to give you advice after direct physical examination,  I think you may benefit from revision of the breast implant pockets (capsulorrhaphy and/or use of acellular dermal matrix).  Capsulorraphy  involves the use of permanent internal sutures to reconstruct the lower poles  of the breasts;  this procedure they help to improve the contour of this area.
Consultation with plastic surgeons well-versed with revision breast surgery may be helpful.
Best wishes.

What Can I Do to Fix my Double Bubble? (photo)

Easier fix could be enhanced fat grafting into the constricted area. Plus you get some liposuction also. Additionally, re operation can help . Or the combination of these 2. 

Double bubble breast augmentation result

Hi there Double bubble is usually caused by lowering the inframammary fold either deliberately, accidentally or through downward pectoral muscle pressure and a weak IMF in sub pectoral augmentation. Your photos are interesting as the breast landmarks look fine. Preop pictures would be very helpful as it appears that you have not much coverage of your lower pole, and the IMF visible looks high. Did you have tubular breasts? My comments would be that your surgery does not look poorly done. I think your surgeon has done a good job and managed you appropriately. However, you don't like the appearance. Further treatment might involve IMF level adjustment, or fat cell grafting to the lower pole. I suggest talk with your surgeon about this as I think your confidence in him or her should be maintained. If you have very little lower pole breast tissue you might need to adjust your expectations. From your picture, this is no disaster and there are many positive things to say about your result. Good luck.

Double Bubble after Brreast Augmantation

The most common reason for double bubble after augmentation is the implants are too big and the inferior pole of the breast cut through the inframammary breast crease. As you already had corrections without correcting the DB, a better option would be to recreate the crease and support it with either allderm or stratice which reduces the pocket and settle for a smaller implant.


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Breast augmentation - correction of 'double bubble' deformity

unfortunately you have experiened a complication that can often be difficult to treat.  It sounds like your surgeon has attempted some appropriate manuevers to improve your breast appearance.  You did not mention if anything was done to the inferior portion of the capsule (the tissue that forms around the implant), as this may significantly affect the way the inferior portion of the breast looks.  Additional treatments that can be considered are:  further adjustments to the capsule - tightening of the inferior portion internally, fat grafting of the lower pole of the breast may aid in smoothing the contour, rarely - removing skin from the inferior pole area if deemed to be excessive or significantly stretched.  A preoperative (before) photo would be helpful for decision making as well.

best of luck

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

There are many ways to correct this, I typically go through your old incision and suture the capsule to the chest wall and re create the infra mammary fold

Double bubble

As double bubbles go, yours is fairly subtle. It may be challenging to fully correct this. Scoring the crease where the old inframammary fold was may help. Fat injections may help correct the irregularity. A smaller implant along with capsule repair to recreate the old IMF in its original position may help as well. How bothersome is this to you? You might be better off accepting a good, though not perfect, result, rather than continue to undergo revisions. A consultation face-to-face is important for adequate advice. If you have copies of your preop photos, bring them to the consultation as well so we can figure out what your best options are.


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