How Do I Fix my Crossbite? (photo)

I have sucked my thumb since i was young and im now 13. I have a very severe crossbite and several molars missing. I dont want to get traditional braces because im in highschool and they wouldnt really suit my lifestyle. I think invisalyn might not be able to fix this but im wondering if lingual braces might work? Thanks PS i was recently told that i have TMJ which i think has to do with not caring for my teeth and not getting orthodontic care earlier

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How Do I Fix my Crossbite?

Absolutely start your treatment with Epigenetic Orthodontics/ Orthopedics with the DNA Appliance

The best alterntive is Rapid Maxillary expansion with a surgical assist to widen maxilla then either standard ortho or invisalign.


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Fixing Crossbite

From your photos it's difficult to see your crossbite.  You do seem to have a little overbite and perhaps an openbite ... if these are not too severe you might be able to use Invisalign to correct your bite.  The best solution is to get an appointment with an orthodontist who will be able to tell you exactly what you need to correct your bite.

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